Our Background

Gewirz Family Overview

For nearly 90 years, and over three generations, the Gewirz family of Washington, DC have been major developers, owners, investors, and operators of commercial, residential, retail, hotel, and mixed-use properties within the Greater Washington DC area.

About Potomac Investment Properties, Inc.

Potomac Investment Properties, Inc. (PIP), is the development and investment vehicle of the Gewirz family of Washington, DC. The family is one of the City’s oldest active development families with a 90-year history of successful development and ownership of projects across a variety of asset classes including Apartments, Condominiums, Commercial Office, Hotel/Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Garage, Infill, and Transit Oriented Properties. The Family currently controls, or is substantially invested in, close to $2 billion dollars worth of real estate in the above classes in properties located in all four quadrants of the District of Columbia, as well as several properties in Virginia. Potomac Investment Properties has a current development pipeline of projects approaching $350 million. In addition to its commitment to the continued growth of the business community in Washington, PIP and the Gewirz family is dedicated to projects that improve the long-term prospects of all those living and working in the District. Potomac typically provides Project Equity to real estate development projects from both corporate funds as well as from its principal shareholders Michael and Steven Gewirz, from Family Trusts, and other closely held sources of capital. These funds are provided at a competitive rate compared with other funding sources to further ensure the successful completion of all projects undertaken.
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